Taiwan Church Planters

About Annie


Annie was born and raised in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan -- growing up she was exposed to Buddhism, Taoism, and Chinese Folk Religion.  She is graduate of Fu Jen Catholic University (天主教輔仁大學) where she majored in Religious Studies. It was during that time that she developed an interest in Christianity through her studies at the University and the witness of a missionary from New Zealand. She would often compare Christianity to the traditional Taiwanese religions  but found that Christianity alone answers all of life's ultimate questions.

Annie remembers when she first became a Christian and was forced to choose whether to bow down to worship her ancestors on Tomb Sweeping Day which is a national holiday in Taiwan. When she told her family that she could no longer burn incense and spirit money to worship the family gods, they were not happy but eventually stopped pushing her to continue these false forms of worship and idolotry.

Eric and Annie first met in a Presbyterian Church plant in Taipei seven years ago. Eric was in Westminster Seminary California and came to work at New Hope Church as an intern. His interest for Taiwanese culture and his desire for more Taiwanese people to hear the Gospel caught Annie's attention. As they got to know one another better, Eric shared with Annie his vision of church planting in Taiwan and was deeply moved by his passion and love for the people of Taiwan. They have been married for four years now and God has been so gracious and faithful to them wherever we go. Annie loves Taiwan and is eager to quickly return to begin spreading the Good News and reaching the lost. She has many years of experience teaching and tutoring English and hopes to continue to use her English abilities as a means of sharing her passion and love for Christ with other Taiwanese people.

After regularly attending New Hope Church and then moving to America and joining a PCA Church in Temecula,CA -- Annie learned to appreciate more and more the doctrines of grace and a Gospel centered understanding of the Christian faith.