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December Prayer Update

January 2, 2018





“Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace, according to your word; for my eyes have seen your salvation that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel.” (Luke 2:29–32)

「主啊,如今可以照你的話,釋放僕人安然去世!因為我的眼睛已經看見你的救恩,就是你在萬民面前所預備的,是照亮外邦人的光,又是你民以色列的榮耀。」 (路加福音 2:29-32)


Thanksgiving Outreach at Grace Church

Dear Family & Friends,

We thank God for the joyful Thanksgiving outreach we hosted last month at Grace. The Church was full and many people from our community were able to learn more about the history of Thanksgiving and hear how the holiday relates to the Gospel of God’s lavish grace. Please pray that God would use what was heard to lead people to investigate the Scriptures and what it means to have a saving relationship with Christ. 

We also rejoice that last month we celebrated the baptisms of three covenant children and one adult — many new friends attended that week and heard the Word preached from Hebrews 2. We are also thankful to be preparing for more baptisms at the end of this month, with five more covenant children receiving the sign and seal of the Covenant of Grace. Please pray for the friends and family of those who come to witness this significant day, that they would hear the Gospel and be moved by the Word of God and by the Spirit to place their trust in Jesus.

As you know, Christmas is quickly approaching, and this year we will be hosting a Festival of Lessons & Carols on Saturday, December 23rd. We have rented a local community center for the event which has far more seating than our current meeting location for Sunday Worship.

Please pray that the brothers and sisters at Grace Church would eagerly invite their non-Christian neighbors, friends, and family members to attend our Christmas outreach. We hope to invite and welcome as many people as possible over the next week and half, therefore please pray that the people we invite would be receptive and willing to attend the Christmas Festival.

Our weekly Lord’s Day Worship at Grace Sanxia has been stable in terms of average weekly attendance, but we still urgently need your prayers for us as we share our vision to be a more mission-minded and evangelistic community. We pray that our Church plant would joyfully engage with our neighbors (the vast majority of people here in Sanxia have never heard the Gospel) and boldly proclaim to them the excellencies of Jesus.

We praise God that have met many new friends through our Saturday English activities (morning adult conversation class and afternoon children’s story time) — please pray that these God ordained acquaintances would further develop into meaningful friendships and more extended opportunities to introduce our neighbors to the Word of God.

Additional Prayer Points:

1.Please pray for my sermon (in Chinese) on Christmas Eve at Grace Church.  Please pray that I would preach the Gospel clearly and that the Word of God would lead the brothers and sisters at Grace to a deeper love for Christ. 

2. Please pray for Annie as she continues to balance raising our daughters, teaching them English and Chinese, training them in the fear and admonition of the Lord, and also reaching out to the many young mothers in Sanxia who have little to no exposure to the Gospel

3. Please also pray for Michael Liu as he prepares for the Gospel ministry, that God would lead and guide him through the process of coming under the care of the local Reformed Presbytery as well as being trained and equipped by the provisional Elders at Grace Church. 

4. Please pray for God to bless our vision to establish weekly community groups at Grace Church after Chinese Lunar New Year, and for the launch of Grace’s Women in the Church (WIC) Ministry in late January. 

Merry Christmas,

The Pilsons

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