Taiwan Church Planters

Christmas 2016 Prayer Update

February 9, 2017



Annie checking in at the hospital in New Taipei City the night before her scheduled cesarean tomorrow morning. 

Preparing for Madelyn

To our dear family in Christ,

We would like to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy upcoming New Year. We are truly blessed to have you as our prayer partners in the Gospel Ministry in Taiwan. Thank you for your faithful support throughout the year and for the love you have for us in Christ Jesus.

Just now Annie has arrived at the hospital (late Monday evening in Taiwan) to give birth via cesarean delivery tomorrow late-morning. Please pray for her, for our daughter Madelyn , and for the medical professionals who will be taking care of them.

We are also thanking God this season that He has been steadily at work here in Sanxia to gather together a core group over the past two months since launching our fellowship in late October. We are incredibly excited for the next step as we begin to look for a meeting location for future Sunday services as well as outreach events during the week.

Please pray that God would provide for us a suitable and strategic location where we can hold English classes as well as other Evangelistic programs such as Christianity Explored. Christianity Explored has been translated into Chinese and was originally developed by Rico Tice from All Souls Church in London — it focuses on hospitality and established friendships to share the Good News from the Gospel of Mark.

Please pray that God would draw more and more people to our fellowship to hear the Word of God and to experience new life in Christ.

Please pray too for one of our Taiwanese co-workers (Michael Liu) who is considering moving to Sanxia in order to be more effective at ministering to those in our community and sharing the love of Christ with our neighbors in Sanxia.

In Christ our Hope,

Eric & Annie


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